Relevant information and strategic insights available in real-time during board meetings.


A new Artificial Intelligence bot that adds automation and intelligence to board meetings, making directors more effective and meetings more efficient.

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Saisha prepares the agenda for meetings and suggests agenda items based on previous meetings and what she learns in the meantime.


Saisha keeps and circulates minutes and follows up on action points, together with scheduling future board meetings by synchronizing and interacting with directors' calendars.


Granular level security with permissions over who can see certain data levels and categories...


Saisha connects to enterprise software and public data sources to suggest opportunities and offer strategic input.


It's actually a remarkably simple concept. The breath-taking power of Artificial Intelligence is harnessed to bring Saisha to your board meetings in real time. All you have to do is activate the Saisha 'black box'.

In board meetings, Saisha's Avatar will be like a person in the room. Saisha will listen via a microphone to all ongoing conversations and from conference calls. Saisha will contribute by voice and also by bringing up other relevant materials onto your boardroom screen and available devices.


Imagine insights from corporate email communications, public resources, your CRM, HR and accounting software; terabytes of industry-specific data processed then output as strategic advice, agenda items, action points, caveats and opportunities.


When starting Saisha for the first time, set-up is required. Saisha will ask you to connect various corporate accounts (email, CRM, etc) and enter information about your company and its competitors to analyse and keep track of all events. Saisha also asks for personal details to ensure that any information displayed or sent is to nominated individuals with differing levels of security and access permissions. Saisha gives you complete control about exactly who has access to any potentially sensitive data.

After setting up, Saisha welcomes you into the main dashboard. Your upcoming board meetings are shown, and additional meetings can be added conveniently through the calendar. Saisha also displays the current time and keeps chronological track of meetings. Saisha has her eyes closed, but is processing information in the background.

Before Saisha officially starts the meeting, a security screening process is performed. This is to ensure that encrypted data to be shown in the meeting can be seen ONLY by the people who should have access to it.

At the start of every session, Saisha introduces the agenda items on the list. When an item is concluded, Saisha will continue and introduce the next item on the agenda.

Saisha listens to the meeting and flags her possible contribution of relevant input by her face 'glowing up'. With the board's permission, she shares the intel, which can be ignored, noted or explored further as appropriate.

When Saisha has relevant information to share and is permitted to do so, two windows will appear next to the face. The information being shown can be images, text, presentations, infographics, CV's, contacts and any number of documents.


You don’t have to accept a machine’s advice, but your competitors soon will! So register now and stay ahead on any project updates. The future of the boardroom is here, and it’s called Saisha.

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